Hello World!

It’s me again.


One thought on “Hello World!”

  1. I really like HTML semantics, here’s some quick tips based on what I reckon:n1) add a doctype to the HTML, (for HTML5)n2) double check that you closed the tag for chapter 1, as it looks like chapter 1 and 2 are mistakenly placed in the same section. Oh wait, I see, its no mistake its just a subchapter, in that case it looks good.n3) I’d consider putting the text in the as normal marked up HTML, like tags and so on if there are going to be paragraphs there, or maybe even a if that is supposed to be a subheading under the . The is fine but just wondering what will the actual content be, and thinking what tags will best represent that content.n4) I’d consider using the title attribute rather than my own custom data-title attribute, because there’s already a fair amount of support and functionality associated with the title attribute, so you might get more bang for buck with that as an attribute.n5) where you’ve got at the very top of your document, a slight error is that it should be .. so (also any tags you might want)https://ameo.link/gertiebowen82831081815

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